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Headline: Earls Barton win the first quarterly GOOD CONDUCT award.
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The Northamptonshire Combination Football League was formed in 1953 when the Mid  Northants League and the Central Village League merged to become the Central Northants  Football Combination the current name change was made in 1991.   Historically the league consisted of mainly village teams in around Northampton playing on  private/parish council grounds.  However, over recent years the league has grown  considerable in size due to its willingness to absorb teams from leagues which have folded  and or unable to provide the level of competitive football or degree of development  required by clubs.  Consequently the Northamptonshire Combination now accommodates a  wide range of teams, many from provincial towns using municipal facilities. This has  resulted in the league becoming the predominate provider of Saturday 11v11 Adult  football in the county.  The league provides competitive football across a wide range of abilities in 4 first team  and 3 reserve team divisions. The league has also worked hard to improve facilities and  achieve Step 7 status, which has enabled several clubs to progress up the pyramid.   Recently the league has developed its links with youth leagues in order to help facilitate  the transition to adult football.  The leagues management committee consists of elected league officers and  representatives from member clubs. Three mandatory meetings are held each year with  member clubs in order to ascertain requirements and developed the league.  The league has for many years been in a strong financial position. Whilst in recent years  reserves have reduced, the league has still kept membership fees at a very low level and  been able to returned some monies to clubs via for example free match balls and for Step  7 facility improvements.  Reducing costs and maintaining income from sponsorship remain  key to sustaining this position. 
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